Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Are You Sure

Watch this, if you dare. It's convicting. You may realize something you felt comfortable to suppress, but you need to know..... because claiming ignorance will not be an excuse.



I fully agree with this preacher!

I wonder what percentage of church goers are actually saved?

I remember one old preacher when asked how many people in his congregation were born again and he said about
15%. His church had over 10,000 members.

Good post Al,


Gregg said...

Unfortunately, becasue in every genertion the gospel is diluted, convoluted, and peddled improperly, (by the enemy) we need to always clearly restate the gospel. There are a number of false professors in the church today.

AL said...

Yeah, good stuff, very convicting. Maybe if we could get this video shown in our churches....