Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Saturday 01-30-10

I picked up Richard and we headed out to Mill Ave for some witnessing. We met Tom, Allan, Jean and Dan out there, prayed and passed out a few tracts.

I did some Open Air with trivia questions, but didn't get much of a crowd. However, one guy stopped by and listened to the Good Person Test and looked a bit convicted as he realized that he wasn't really "good" by God's standards. He heard the Gospel, but I wasn't able to leave him with any follow up info, as he took off pretty quickly.

Allan got up on the soap box to see if anyone could name any of the Ten Commandments, but no one was willing to attempt it, so he went through them anyway, for anyone who might hear it. The Word of God does not return void.

Tom was doing some trivia and one of our old friends from the Skeptic Tank happened by. This is the same one who was heckling one of the other street preachers a few weeks ago. Tom took him through some trivia and the Good Person Test, even though he had heard it many times before. He was able to conceal any effect it might have had on him, but once again, he heard it.
The thing is, people can hear it, have it make perfect sense, yet still reject it for their desire to remain in their sins. We do not make conversions, only God will do that. We are just obedient to proclaim His message.

Over all, it was a pretty average night on the streets.

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