Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't Go to Church, BE the Church

This week we did not meet for church on Sunday. Instead, the entire congregation went out into the community to work and show Christ's love in tangible ways. We had people cleaning up grafitti, visiting nursing homes, checking smoke detectors and cleaning up trash. Our group offered a free car wash at the church, no donations were accepted.

It started out a little slow, but picked up as the day went on. There were cookies and coffee for people as they waited, as well as a few Gospel tracts on the table. Some of the kids that were helping were impressed with the Million Dollar Bill (MDB) tracts and started handing them out to people as they showed up.

There was even a minivan with a lot of "tolerance," "gay equality," curse words and anti-Christian bumperstickers that came through. I didn't get a chance to talk to that person, but hopefully he came away with a different perspective of Christianity than when he first pulled up.

I would say that it was a very good day for the Church, and hopefully we'll do this more often.



Don't Go to Church, BE the Church
What a Great concept !

To bad most of the church don't believe that.

For about 10 years (most of the 80's) I did door to door evangelism in about a 5 mile radius from the church I attended.

At that time the church had about a 5000 plus membership.
Me and 2 other brothers headed up that ministry and
we usually had about 20 to 25 people to go out with us every Sunday after church.

I don't know how big your church is, but if they all went out to share their faith, I would call that a semi-miracle.

Keep up the good work brother Al,


AL said...

Thanks Ron! It was awesome to be out and in action rather than just sitting and listening.