Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Transitional Form?

This is what's known as a "turtle-duck." It is a replica (because there is no such thing) of a transitional species.
You've heard the evolutionists claim that there is some sort of connection between reptiles and birds, right? Maybe a “common ancestor” like humans and apes possibly shared (or that they just made up).

Well, the turtle and the duck may have had a common ancestor as well, the turtle-duck. It has the body of a duck, but with the added fins and shell of the turtle. The head is sort of a combination of both. From this point, there might have been a split, as one species carried their home on their back and seems to have developed themselves better for underwater maneuvers (but I’m not sure why they didn’t decide to grow some gills so they wouldn’t have to keep coming up for air all the time).

Anyway, the other seems to have decided that air travel would be best for them, so they lost the shell (or it simply turned into better wings for flying long distances, and they put webs on their feet so they wouldn’t need those four flippers anymore (although they could have evolved into speed brakes when a quick stop was needed. But for whatever reason, those who decided to turn into ducks voted against it.)

So there you have it. Scientific evidence that I just made up with a couple of old toys I had laying around the house. Just as good as any other transitional hoax – er, I mean mistake and correction within the “scientific” community, right?

Piltdown Man was an outright hoax. Nebraska Man was put together from a single extinct pig’s tooth. Java Man is nothing more than a piece of skull, fragment of a thigh bone and three molar teeth. Ever hear how they glued peppered moths to tree trunks to photograph “evidence”? Are Haeckel's (artistic renditions of) Embryos still found in school books?

Come on people, evolution is not science, any more than my story about a turtle-duck is.

Evolution is nothing more than a fairytale for grown ups.

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What a great illustration of the foolishness of evolution!

I like the way you think.

Doesn't the Bible say; The fool has said in his heart there is no God.

God bless you, Ron